Cheetah Bar Cebu – Cheetah Boy

The Cheetah Man

Here in Cebu when you hear the word CHEETAH this is not neccessary to think of wild type of animal. This is a name of a Gay bar located infront of Gaisano Country Mall at Banilad. When I was in my first company, I used to hear the name of this bar from my coworkers. That time I was not interested definitely because I’m a straight guy. They were teasing some of our officemates who already visited the place. I stayed on that company for 5 months only then I transfer on a publishing company.

When I was in the publishing company, I was amaze that people there also talking about the same bar. At first I tried to ignore it, but  later on when I heard that team building of that company was held on that bar and some scene wasnt able to be taken by a friend of mine, I tried to plan of seeing whats in there.

Most of my officemates tried to describe the bar for me. But most of them gave te suggestion that to me to visit the bar. I was not so interested but out of curiousity I want to try it also.

My First Time in Cheetah

February 05 if I’m not mistaken when the first time I visited the bar.

That was not intentional, it just happened that I’m on the same building and I’m 5 steps away from the entrance of bar. So I went in. That was so early, around 10 pm maybe. There are only few guest and the ambience was just like a common cozy bar on the metro. I ordered a bottle of beer and a mineral water.

There are some guys who randomly dancing on the stage. Well, for me its like a simple entertainment, nothing were offensive.

The Cheetah Boy

There were some guy who approached me and asked me if I need someone to talk so I wont get bored. They tried to introduce their self and try to open up some topic. Maybe I’m kind of uninterested so they were not able to stay longer on the my table.

There was this guy, I dont want mention the name but when he approached me I was able to feel that he’s no just an ordinary dancer instead I felt like there something special on him. He was very sensible and knowledgeable. He must be inteligent.

He stayed on my table most of the night. He kept on telling stories and what he think about the place and those persons inside, from guest, dancers to the owner. I believed that was his job, to entertain their guest and be polite. But he did it in a very nice way. I really want to commend him on that.

I spent a little amount of money inside the bar. Amount that wont be more than on my daily rate sinced I started to work.

The Entertainment

What can I say? Uhmmm… I wont say that was not entertaining. But instead, Im not interested. They dance well and even did a daring look to their guest eye to eye. But what can I do Im not attracted.

There were they called spotlight. At first I dont have any idea what that was, but when the segment started then there were really adult show on the stage. Yes adult show, I dont want to give detail but ADULT SHOW.

They also had what they called “AREA” they were roaming around over each guest table and do something uhmmm… naughty maybe?

I even refuse to entertain those who guys who went on my table. they were asking for some tip in return you can do something not nice to them to them… really not nice. But they maybe like it or they like the tip. whichever.

The Bar will be close at 3 am, so around 2:30 am I asked for my bill. The Cheetah Boy who were in my table went to the cashier so it will be faster. He ask for a little amount of tip and asked me to give some little amount for the waiters. Then i gave all my change to them.

Before I went out, He ask me if he can get my number then I gave it to him. He was really nice even if Im out of the bar already.

I really believe that time, He is not like of those other dancer on this Bar. He is a dancer, not a call boy.

The Friendship I had with the Cheetah Boy

I didnt have a continous communication with that man. The reason is that, I dont have any reason to stay attached with him. I can only do was to reply everytime he texted me, I cant open up anything more than that.

There were time I already forgot his face or everything on his appearance. That was after almost a month after I saw him on the bar.

I went on a Gym near country mall.  After I had finish my session, suddenly my phone beep and a text message asking me if I’m the guy in a white sando. I was surprise, the cheetah boy still remembered me. I was really surprise. There were lots of customer coming in and out of that bar  but will this guy able to remeber everyone of them?

That made my interest to know the person got more reasonable. He been texting me once in a while asking some question just to know me better. he was very friendly and very nice.

He used to ask me to go out and have some drinks. He is not the kind of dancer that will just ask you out for him to earn. He is a very unique one, I paid for the drinks which will only amounting less than my hourly rate in our office. I even gave him some amount for taxi.

The set up was lasted for almost two months maybe. We had each other out for atleast once a week.

The real Color of the Cheetah boy

There were time after holy week that he kept texting me and even calling me for a drink. But unfortunately, my schedule didnt allow me. I had a very tight schedule on our office that time. There were also a time that I went out with some of my new friends, He was texting early that day but I was not able to reply.

He texted me again on late midnight and I did reply. I told him that we can talk on other time because I was running out of prepaid load. He took it badly, he interpret it not so nice. He even thought that Im pushing him out of my night.

He told me that, he wont text me anymore. I’m like a man talking and want him out like a dog. I dont really understand why he got a thinking like that. I was trying to understand but I cant really figure it out.

Early that day he texted me with apology. He said sorry for what he said. I thought he was able to forget what happen after that but I was wrong, he was still mad. tsk tsk..

I didnt know how the problem rose again. But the thing that made me laugh was he ask and keep on insisting that I’am a gay. His reason why I didnt want to go out again with him was I’am jealous with those pictures he has on his facebook account. I was laughing then thinking what happening to him? halucinating? I wasnt able to look on his facebook profile so where did he get that idea?

I want to see him personally and talk about what happen but time was not allowing me.

In general, he is a good person. maybe he is a dancer in a bar but not a kind of what other will think once they know it. It would be my regret that a good person like him wont be my friend because of his interpretation.

Maybe I’m bad declining his invitation but it doesnt mean that Im not interested to be his friend anymore or worst jealous with pictures.


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29 Responses to Cheetah Bar Cebu – Cheetah Boy

  1. cody says:

    Wow! what a very interesting story you have here…. I am one of your avid reader on this site. please keep on posting more….there are things happened to you that i can relate to and i love reading your story.. anyway be safe..

  2. cody says:

    hey there! its cody here. can i have the facebook account of this guy your’e saying?..i would love if you can give me his name so i can search him on facebook, that is if its okay but if not.thats alright.

  3. jim says:

    i like your story very much…thank you for sharing…can we be friends?

  4. xoxo says:

    I love your story…..i can relate to it……… but the things that i have experience in the bar is really more than that…I’m looking forward to meet you so that i can share my story… are absolutely correct there are some male that are very polite and very kind…….the person that your talking seems familiar to me…but anyways I really really love your article!!!!!!

    • mylifeincebu says:

      hi there, you can share your story by sending it to me and maybe I can post it here as an article also. If you are here in Cebu, then maybe we can have some coffee. Uhmm… Thank you very much loving this article. I will be posting more stories soon.

      • xoxo says:

        that would be great sure…..we can have some coffee then…..yes im from cebu….a pure cebuano

      • xoxo says:

        Do u still remember me….i still want to meet you nd share my story about cheetah….im a pute cebuano nd taga cebu ako…….i really do hope we could meet….if you reply on this…ill give u my email nd send my number……

      • jacinth1215 says:


  5. says:

    hmm nice story….article…

    by the way can we be fren also…. heres my Tel. # 268-6962….

  6. dyvil says:

    You had a nice and interesting story here,i’ll keep on checking this page every now and the.Keep it up!

  7. jayson says:

    hi.. i want to visit the gay bars in cebu.. which would you recommend??
    il be staying in a hotel near sm..

    it seems to me that cheetah is okay when it comes to shows??

  8. Evan says:

    Hey I went there once when i came to Cebu to visit my Lolo, My Friend took me there cause i wanted to see how the gay bars are in Cebu. So I went and same story as you. i went there owner/mgr told me to pick out a boy I didnt want to offend the person so i did pick the one that i thought was cute to me.. same thing happen he was nice talking story with me and my friend and to a point he suggested we should switch numbers so we did.. And there was communication between the two of us through text.. End up to a meeting twice having lunch/dinner and telling me that “this is the first time Ive actualy gone out with a person that i met at work outside work” But to find out that his straight but at the same time flirting and touching me but not directly but u can tell cause its obvious. We still communicate because its still fresh.. But I wonder if its the same Cheetah boy your talking about and if its here job to do those things to give your number hang out outside his work. Just to soften/invest on to the customer to get something out of it? or just to Hustle the customer? and maybe were talking about the same boy as well?

    But I love your Review and story and I’d love to know if were talking about the same person =)

  9. Jacinth says:

    I really like the story its amazing..
    I was hoping I could meet someone like you who treasure friendship. You’re nice.
    And hope I could visit this place. I think its only a one-ride from our school “USC_TC” right?

  10. pogi2000x says:

    Really Big thanks for this Blog.
    i was looking for a job that could really help my family financially.
    if i were to choose i love to work in an office(office works) or Hotels,
    I meet a girl then she told me about cheetah im asking here if what job fits me in cheetah
    then she didn’t answer me, she only told me “adto a nalang na,nindot man didto”
    i was just scared cause i don’t even know where’s the exact location of “CHEETAH”

    for days have passed, i keep on thinking if i should try applying at Cheetah.
    then i texted that girl(i just recently meet that girl way back last DECEMBER.2012)
    and i ask here again if CHEETAH is a good place to work for, I ask what position is available, then she answered me “DANCER” i thought she was joking then i replied to her “di ba sila naghahahanp ng singer?(cause i do really love singing,then i write up my own songs.)
    so i was thinking that time na CHEETAH is one of CEBU’s Famous Hotel.

    I’ve never been there ever since, Im a homeboy type I rather prefer at home that going to some strange places that maybe can put my life in danger.
    then i just read this blog of “mylifeincebu” .

    I was shocked about what i read.
    CHEETAH is A i thought its a COMPANY or a HOTEL.
    i have nothing against gay people
    but maybe a job of a “macho dancer or Gay entertainers is not fit on me.
    cause i dont like going into anybars
    i dont like to mingled with people
    who drink and smoke alot.

    THANk you so much for this poST really help me a LOT 🙂

  11. J says:

    hi, can i ask the number of the cheetah boy please?

  12. jacinth1215 says:

    heY!! Need friend here.. 🙂 somebody text me plz. just got bored 09071094050

  13. alfred says:

    guys. my gaybar pa ba sa cebu ngaun o wala na? kasi sabi ng frnd ko dto sa saudi na taga cebu wla na daw.. i wonder bkt wala na po..

  14. LanceF says: spent for him and you said you are not gay? Will a real straight guy do it?

  15. kristelle secuya says:

    Hi can you please send me an e-mail?? importante lang po talaga. It’s in connection to what you posted. Please lang po. Eto po e-mail ko. Thank you po.

  16. Angelina says:

    Hi! I’ve been to cheetah bar once that was 2010.. I so freakin love it! I’m with my hubby the last time we went there, he likes the place also. We’ve plan to go back in Philippines on December and we plan to visit your place when we get back. Godspeed!

  17. jayr ryone says:

    sad but true cheetah nd other gbars are no longer present hmmmmmm….. i want to get laid lol

  18. Snell says:

    Wala naba talagang gay bars sa cebu? Kelangan ko talaga nun e. Importante lng huhu 😦

  19. anna says:

    Hi. Just want to know if there are gay bars in Cebu. We are planning to throw a bridal shower for my cousin and we need male strippers. Good-looking, confident and sexy bod male stripper.
    Thank you.
    you can contact me at

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