Catholic Church against RH Bill – why don’t they give alternative solution for the government problem?

The problem of the Government

First thing you might think is over population. But, think again. maybe there is much deeper root of that problem to be solved.

How are we going to determine if a country reached the population limit? Is there a count? As far as I know there’s none. As long as the government can support the needs of every individuals and families on our country, there’s no such over population.

Unfortunately, the government cant support the needs of every citizen. They cant provide descent schools for the students and proper housing for the poor citizen. They cant even provide free hospitalization for everyone. Therefore, the solution they are trying to implement is to minimize the birth rate in the country. They are trying to push RH Bill.

As expected, catholic church will not agree on the Bill being promoted. They have their acceptable reason.

 The solution I may suggest for the Catholic Church

Show your sincerity in opposing RH Bill. Help solving the problem of the country. Dont just go to media and say that the government is promoting a devil thing.

These are my IF’s on Reproductive Health Bill

If the catholic church will open their doors helping the poor people in our country, maybe the poverty will have an ease.

If all catholic schools will be free of tuition fees and other fees, maybe it will help our student to have a descent future. Everyone will have a chance to study.

If the catholic church will provide free dormitory for those squatters we have then maybe the government will have a less priority in solving poverty in our country.

If the poverty stays longer, who’s to blame the government. Where is the church? complaining.

If the government will provide an alternative solution or prevention to a problem, where is the church? Criticizing.

Now, for the Catholic church, try to move and help so that the government wont stick on RH bill (Reproductive health Bill). Catholic Church, its all in your hand now. You have all the resources. You can stop the RH Bill (Reproductive health Bill), not with your words but in action.

If the Catholic church will say that they already did what they suppose to do, then its not enough.


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