Its been 6 months already when we plan to go to Kalanggaman island.But due to high cost of going there we were nott able to make it. Until last May 14 where my firends push thru the plan together with thier friends.

How to get there from Cebu?

May 14, 2011 – Saturday. We met at Cebu  North Bus Terminal kilometer away from SM Cebu. We rode a Ceres bus going to Maya-Bagay at Daanbantayan. As far as I know this is the northest tip of the Island of Cebu. The fare was P160. We took a 4-hour travel from Cebu City- Maya, Daanbantayan.

Basically, there’s no public transport from Maya going to Kalanggaman Island. We only hired a banca that can brought us to the island. The banca that we rented had a capacity of 26 person. The amount was P5000 Maya-Kalanggaman, Island- Maya. That was an overnight stay at the island, so the banca stayed at the island overnight also.
The beautiful Island of Kalanggaman

Virgin. This is how I can describe the island.

As we approached the vicinity of the island, the first thing that woke up my eyes was the Dolphin. Yes. There was a dolphin swimming nearby the island.

There were so many flying fish playing over the sea water. I was so sleepy then when a friend of mine told said that – “Poy, look oh there’s a flying fish” then I answered.. “What are they doing? catching fish?”. I forgot that flying fish is a fish.

The white sand and rocky beach! Yes! there was rocky area and white fine sand beach place. You can choose where to swim! I think 60% of the island shore is rocky and the 40% is fine-white sand. The whole island is coverred with white sand, planted with coconut trees.

Sea Snakes on the Island

We were told by the island care taker that there are so many sea snakes residing on the island specifically on the rocky part of the shore. So, we were not allowed to go to rocky area during the night. But the care taker is someone like wanted to prove that the snakes are real and not just a joke then he invited us to do a sea snake watching!

Together with our flashlights and lamps, we walked going to the eastern part of the island. According to “Tam Cruise” our guide, sea snakes were resting and hiding on the rocks and we need to be careful. After 3 minutes of walk to the shore, ther we go a sea snake show up! That was my first time to see a sea snake. Black stripe on its silver skin with scale on flattened tail. According to “Tam Cruise” sea snakes can be much poisonous than Cobra.

Sand Bar

The island is ver popular with its sand bar. Sand bar was created by wave coming from two different side of the bar. During high tide , waves meet on the top of the water. That was my first time to see waves coming from different direction and met to the shore. No one is allowed to swim  on the sandbar area because it is very dangerous.
Ghost Story on the island

According to Tam Cruise, he was able to see a white lady walking from the back of the dressing area going to the sandbar. That was sound interesting and even make my hair went up, Yes . I was afraid! Imagine, there are no electricity on the island only flash lights! There is no house or hotels only our tent! Then there we go! A white lady that possibly be showing up antytime that night!
We asked Tam, how come on a beautiful island of Kalanggaman Island will have a white lady? His answer was a fact. Year 2008 a korean died on the wave of sandbar. She was not able to move back to the shore because of opposing wave from south and north. Then she died.


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